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Easy Utah Bike Rides

Utah has easy bike rides too.Sometimes it's nice to get out and just pedal at a nice pace without making the heart race.  With the Mountains of northern Utah jutting into the sky, finding a ride that everyone in the family can do can be tough.  This is a small list of the rides that are relatively flat and are great for beginners or the experienced who just want to get out and pedal.  Be sure  to contact us if you have any questions.

Jordan River Parkway

The Jordan River Parkway is a paved trail that runs along the Jordan River for non-motorized users.  As the trail winds it's way along the valley floor it has virtually no elevation gain making it a great ride for all skill levels.  The Parkway is located at 1200 W. between North Salt Lake and Bluffdale with plans to extend towards Utah County.  You can access the trail at many trailheads along the route that are equiped with restrooms and water fountains.  The one major downside of the Jordan River Parkway is the "Goathead" thorns.  They litter the trail waiting for all unsuspecting cyclists, causing flat tires and a walk home.  We recommend being prepared ahead of time with at least puncture resistant tubes or our Flat Prevention system.

Legacy Parkway Trail

Legacy Parkway Trail is a great ride!The Legacy Parkway trail is a relatively new paved path that parallels the Legacy Parkway in North Salt Lake City.  It is open to Cyclists, Pedestrians and Horseback riders.  It has no real change in elevation as it follows Legacy Parkway making it a great ride for all skill levels.  The Legacy Parkway trail starts at I-215 and 2100 N and continues 14 miles to the Front Runner Station in Farmington (across from Lagoon).  There are multiple trailheads along the way which do not have restrooms or water fountains.  Although it runs along a busy Legacy Parkway you can tune out the sounds of the traffic and really enjoy your cruise.

Rail Trail- Park City

The Rail Trail that connects Park City and Echo Reservoir follows the footsteps of the old Union Pacific Railway.  It is a mellow partly paved, mostly dirt and gravel trail that is perfect to try out those knobby tires on a mountain bike for the first time.  The ride is best done as a shuttle from Park City to Echo Reservoir going downhill most of the way.  To access the Park City trailhead park behind the Suncrest Condominiums just off Prospector Ave and Bonanza Dr.

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