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In a growing Salt Lake City our store began in 1942 as Frank's Mend-It Shop. Frank Goodman's mend-it shop was the go-to spot in the neighborhood to have your toaster repaired, pick up some fishing tackle or to browse some antiques. The motto at Frank's was "If we can't fix it, it's broke!". Over the years he sold everything from lawnmowers and Kawasaki's to early Schwinn cruisers. Eventually bicycle sales began to rise and we went from being a Do-It-All shop to a dedicated bicycle store. Hyland Schwinn Cyclery was born.

Hyland Schwinn Cyclery was run by Frank's son Wayne Goodman, who grew the store into one the nations premier Schwinn Bicycle retail stores throughout the 60's, 70's and 80's. At one point he ran three Hyland Schwinn Cyclery stores, scattered throughout the Salt Lake Valley. When the original Schwinn company went bankrupt in the 90's we dropped their name and became Hyland Cyclery.


Present day Hyland Cyclery is owned and operated by Mark and Steve Goodman -the third and fourth generation in our family business. Both Mark and Steve have practically grown up in our store and definitely know a thing or two about bikes. They've worked hard to create Salt Lake City's friendliest one-stop bike shop. At any given moment our store has over 600 different bikes to choose from as well as great cycling accessories and apparel. Our Service Center technicians are trained and certified to work on all makes and models of bicycles and still believe in Frank's old motto "If we can't fix it, it's broke".

We love our Salt Lake City roots and are very proud of our history. Whether you are a new face or you grew up coming the into our store our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be sure to help make your cycling experience awesome