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Transition Bikes

Shop Transition Bikes at Hyland Cyclery, Salt Lake City, Utah
Transition Bike Company is a rider owned company from Bellingham, WA that has been pushing the limits of gravity riding for over 10 years. They offer a full line of high-end gravity oriented mountain bikes. They design bikes to feel perfectly connected to the terrain. If your ideal day is spent pushing your abilities and hitting the big lines, Transition has you covered.
Transition PBJ Complete Bike
The PBJ (Pumps, Bumps & Jumps) is Transition's dirt jump specific hardtail with more relaxed geometry for bigger lines at higher speeds. The complete PBJ is a mountain bikers dream build. The fork duties are handled by the industry leading RockShox Pike DJ featuring external adjustment range from locked out to wide open and an infinitely adjustable air spring. The frame features Taper Lock dropouts to keep the wheelset from slipping without bulky chain tensioners. A solid cockpit parts selection including our very own pivotal saddle, Spank Spoon 40mm stem and 40mm rise bars provide the perfect contact points. It wouldn't be a dirt jumper without a classic 3-piece chromo crankset and we finish the build off with Maxxis DTH 2.3" tires for just the amount of grip and minimal rolling resistance so your pumping and jumping feels effortless.
Transition Patrol Carbon GX
The Patrol Carbon GX is Transition's most popular build level that gives you the best bang for your buck. Rear suspension is handled by the RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Select + that gives you the supple feel of coil and a lockout lever for on the fly adjustment. The popular RockShox Lyrik Select+ fork with the all new Charger 2.1 RC damper handles suspension duties up front and gives you low speed compression adjustment to fine tune the feel of the fork for any trail. Our favorite 4-piston Code R brakes with 200mm front rotor and 180mm rear rotor give you total control on even the longest descents. The drivetrain is a complete GX Eagle setup with massive 10-50 tooth gear range and durable alloy crankset. Top of the line Maxxis Minion 3C tires are mounted to Stan's Flow S1 wheelset, the benchmark for strength and value in the same package. The dropper post is the durable Bike Yoke Revive seatpost with a user friendly reset feature which ensures your bike can stay out of the shop and out on the trail.
Transition Smuggler Carbon GX
The Smuggler is a mid travel 29er trail bike that defies categorization. It is our go-to bike for not only epic long distance rides but also rowdy local trails and our favorite jump lines. With 120mm rear travel and 140mm front, it can adapt in any direction to whatever the days ride throws at you. Super lightweight and playful, the Smuggler is one of the best pedaling bikes we make that also loves to monster truck through the rough stuff. When it comes time to get the wheels off the ground, it begs to get thrown around and launch off lips with little effort. For anyone that needs incredible versatility from their bike and loves to pedal, the Smuggler is designed to never disappoint.
Transition Spur GX
The Transition Spur provides a sense of connection to the bike as if it were an extension to your body. Fast and efficient with an anti-gravity feel and laser-pointer precision that begs you to climb more, go farther, and descend anything you may encounter along the way. You'll instantly appreciate the free speed you're awarded while accelerating where you're usually accustomed to pedaling. Don't judge a book by its cover though, with all these lightweight and uphill oriented character traits the Spur requires no adjustment to descend like you're used to, you might actually go faster.
Transition Patrol Carbon XO1
The Patrol is Transition's most popular model to date. After winning bike of the year in 2016 for Pinkbike and 2017 for VitalMTB, the Patrol has a pedigree that sets the bar for what a modern mountain bike should be. It doesn't curve to one side too far, instead, it truly does everything extremely well. A true big mountain rig that can hang at bike parks and DH tracks and then settle into an epic long death march into the backcountry. The Patrol simply won't flinch at any trail going up or down. It may have you scratch your head as to what it is truly designed to do but we would rather not over think it and just let the bike take you wherever you want to go.
Transition Scout Carbon XO1
The Scout will awaken your inner child. Manual here, scrub that, skid there, pedal up this. Freedom to boost everything in sight, overshoot every landing without a care, mixed with nose bonking and hooting your way down the trail. Sporty, but just as eager to tackle bigger terrain. The Scout's trail charisma is infectious and will cause you to look at your regular trails through a new perspective. Pedal up and repeat.
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